biodrew (biodrew) wrote in lairvampirelarp,

No Game

Hey all, forgive my posting but Ben and Mel don't have access to a computer right now and asked for me to put this up as a token plot member type person.

Basically, is there still interest in the game? Several of the plot members are leaving or have left, and turn out has been rather depressing in general.

I know Ben and Mel want to keep the game going, for all those who still have fond memories of it at the Lair, as an excuse to still vamp out without going all Camarilla-y, or an excuse to hang out in general. However the last two games we had trouble pushing five players... which we are grateful for, and adore for their showing, but really it isn't enough to drive the game forward.

So, in light of that we are not going to hold a game this month and see what people say. If there is still no push for a game next month... likely there will not be one. If there was something in the game that caused you to not wish to come, let us know so we can fix it (if it was me, I am going to Oregon soon so no worries there).

I apologize if this sounds like a gripe, this is just typical Drew being blunt and posting what he feels needs to be said, i.e. it may be rectified by Ben, Mel, Jules, Becky, or any other plot type person or player type person.


Game next month? We love the game, love running it, and have some fun ideas for it's future, thus if you want it, you got it. But... it is kind of sad running a game for an empty house...

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