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Hello everyone!
(I see we have new people that have joined!! WELCOME!!!)

Game this month will once again be held at the lovely zombieneko's abode in Lakewood/Arvada (whatever). The date for game is the 27th (and I have training that day, so looookout at game ^.~) Game on at 7, sign in and character creation/what not at 6. Rules are still available online if you look in the memories as are directions to our host's house.

For an overview, plot is:
biodrew (This is his last game everyone!!!)
and last but not least gemini_rain

Sadly we will be losing our resident not so insane Malkavian after this month. He's going to be moving to Oregon to become a doctor type person! Please wish him all the best of luck this game... I'm sure he'll love you all for it ^.~

Also, *we* (plot) want to know what *you* (the players) want to see in game. Please please PLEASE give us some imput. (and no, saying me in skimpy clothes doesn't count. Ya'all see that anyway.)

So yes! Talk!! Say hi, introduce yourselves and whatnot. This LJ was not made solely for the announcements of plot, it's here for ya'all too! (That means, Use it!) ^^
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