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Harpy Times

It would appear that there were several notable shake ups in the local community as of last week:
The most important, would be the lovely flower garden that is now in bloom, it attracts birds, and bugs, and even Lasombra!

Oh, there is also a new Prince of the city, Cael the Spooky now reigns over Denver!

The former Prince Logan didn't take it too well, but after a rather incendiary conversation, he acquiesced.

Somehow the Gangrel pissed off the werewolves, don't really know why, I just know that I am going to be putting money into the silver market! That and call off my camping trip... and I so love smores!

Going to Bonfils Bank for a withdrawal? Not anymore you aren't! Apparently some ghoulish customers have been peeing in the kiddie pool! On order of the Prince, the new and improved version, don't sample merchandise from there!

Lions and tigers and bears! Or something like that...

Hunters have apparently figured out where the local Elysium is, as one decided to pay us a visit. He attempted to stake a werewolf who was visiting (and peeing on things), then brandished a cross before he was chased off.

Ghosts just keep on joining us and playing a reverse game of twenty questions. Sort of take away the answers as you are getting them. Though apparently there are a few new leads on where they stem from.

Whatever happened to local Primogen of the Toreador Layla? 'Layla, got me on my knees...' She wandered off with local spooky Sabbat Tremere (and she is smart enough to be Primogen?? And they call ME crazy!!) and has not been seen since. A rather odd individual appeared the last gathering and was asking questions about her, claimed they had some sort of deal... interesting.

Who the heck are the Primogen now? Or the Sheriff, or Seneschal, or Harpy... or bunnies...

Yes, this means I am not Harpy, which is likely a blessing to all who read this, but I figured I would reach out and touch some people on what was going on. Looks like things are starting to heat up in Denver a great deal...

Benton Feret, Malkavian at Large

ooc: Drew Davidson, plot bitch at large.
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