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Kenneth Fitzgerald's account of the night of October 22, 2005 [24 Oct 2005|03:36pm]
The world was ending, I'd come to terms with that. The Demon had already destroyed one city and was well on its way to the second. I had hoped that it would be spared so the people that lived in it could make peace with God and repent so they might make it to Heaven. Just because I was already damned beyond reprieve doesn't mean they had to share my fate. I had a lot of work left to do, so many souls to show what true evil was.

I had the unmistakable feeling that whatever was to happen would happen that night. I was right, but was very wrong about what the final outcome would be. I started off the evening in a usual way: Death, destruction, fear. The transference of evil from my victims to myself, creating a shield from their flesh to sustain injury for me. I set off to finish the final orders I had received from my Prince...

Social life at the haven of the damned was even less active than usual, but I stayed among it anyway, trying to fit in with the sad undead that still thought they were human. Some interesting but unimportant events involving car accidents and vampiric flesh occurred before my mark showed up. I immediately moved to what was to be done, questioning before I damned the repentant Nazi. John Doe was what he went by, but he was wearing the third face I'd seen him in. He had no news that I didn't already know, but pretended to be interested anyway. It was time for him to die.

As we were on our way to the basement where he would meet his final end, the Demon arrived. What timing this destroyer of lives had. I stopped caring about him a while ago, it was proven that I could do nothing to stop him. I would have continued on my way, but my mark was overly concerned with the Demon and had to stay to fight him. He removed the Demon's head in a boring, pointless battle, thus freeing him to enter some other vessel. At the point of its death, the Demon seemed to release some deadly fog that destroyed all life that was left in Denver, this is how the city met its end, but my end had not yet happened.

I set out to finish what the Prince had ordered, and left to kill John Doe. Little did I realize that he had his own protector, pasta sauce is what Layla had called him. He stopped me from killing my mark so we could better dispose of the Demon, who had taken up residence in some other object. I set out to find the Demon, and while I was searching it attacked. The lights went out for a moment, and pasta sauce had a sizable chunk of wood in his chest. I knew the Demon was near, so I activated my spirit sight in search of its soul and saw two auras around our staked corpse. But this was a trick and it was his Gangrel girlfriend who was feeling the Demon's influence. Fortunately, this Demon can't read my mind and I surprised it with a stake of my own.

One who seemed to know about Demons and such came looking for it. A priest, though I'm certain he was a priest of the Beast and not of God, indicated that death would be the easiest way to release the Demon, so I removed the head of the Gangrel and set out to burn the body. Bruce, the ghoul that was masquerading as a vampire, somehow knew that a necklace that was on the Gangrel was the home of the Demon. I smashed the necklace, and as I looked up from the sulfurous cloud that rose from it I saw the fog encroaching on the house. A moment later I saw Her...

The love of my unlife, who had been assumed by all to have met her final death, stood there looking at me. In an attempt to remain nonchalant, I stopped a ruckus that had developed in a much louder way than is characteristic of me. She couldn't recognize me, could she? My face was different, my body twice its previous size, I hoped to all the unholy demons in Hell that she didn't know me. But she knew. Layla, my life, my soul, my goddess; the woman I tried to kill when last I saw her, before my long sleep, she recognized me. I had no words for her, and she wanted to talk to me. Again, what timing the Demon had, as a cloud of death and rot crept in to destroy us all, Layla wanted to talk.

We began a conversation, it seemed she didn't want to believe that I was in my right mind when I attacked her. She didn't blame me. We got that far into the conversation when Bruce came to see us in the basement and revealed that he was, in fact, Simon of Clan Tremere, Seneshal of the city of Denver, one of the two people who woke me from my long slumber to my damned third life, and declared that nobody was to be killed without his prior permission. I guess he sensed the fear that was saturating me. His orders were unneeded, though I had resolved to kill Layla and free myself from her influence, such a task was impossible when facing her. I remembered my love of her, I remembered what it was like to have a soul, I furthered my belief that I was here to save the souls of others, to act as an instrument of evil on Earth so that others would be able to see and fear evil that they may embrace God and be brought to his graces. The damned can still feel love. I knew the world was ending, but with my love in front of me I also knew that I needed to fight to save it.

The vampires in the house fled the invasive fog to the basement, with only Simon seeming to hold it at bay with the strange stone that seemed to have some power over the Demon in the fog. Reality seemed to break as walls bled, wood rotted, and tortured souls screamed in our minds. When our end was near and we had almost no hope left, Simon broke the stone, forcing the Demon to reveal his true self.

It was tall, with raven's wings and an aura of death and power. I knew we couldn't win against this fallen Angel of Death, but I was going to die fighting. Simon tried to convince it that it wasn't powerful, but I knew that wasn't the case. It was very powerful, and I was nothing compared to its divine glory. I could do nothing to it, I was nothing to it. I then looked back at Layla, meaning to die in her arms. I saw fear, despair, and pain. I knew then that I had to stop whatever was causing her to hurt, she was the angel, I was the Devil that loved her. We were Romeo and Juliet, but I could have no tragic ending. I reached to the nearest vampire, who happened to be John Doe, and pulled his fangs from his mouth and put them on my knuckles. I may die, but there is no way I could let Layla rot in the fog in pain and fear.

I lept toward the Demon and connected with my knuckle-teeth, as a black ichor flew from its face, John Doe pulled out a shotgun and blew bits off of it. It seemed unhampered, and effortlessly stabbed John Doe with a blade that he produced from nowhere. I swung again, but it wasn't there anymore, John Doe produced another spray with his gun and blew more bits off. A wave of decay washed over us from the Demon, and the flesh that I had stolen from the mortals earlier in the night rotted inside my skin and began to leak out, all I had left was what my own damned power could produce, I was naked and weak, but still determined. I swung and connected again, but when John Doe shot, the Demon vanished and reappeared at the other end of the room. Reality seemed to bend, as the Demon threw his sword at me. It came forward at super-sonic speed, I couldn't avoid it. Pain is all I felt, the world nearly fell to blackness, but the pain kept me awake and woke the Beast inside me. The world narrowed to a quiet, hazy red tunnel, at the end of which was this thing that must die. There was no more thought, no feeling, no politics, just me and the Demon. I charged and swung, but it wasn't there anymore, I searched and found it inside the cloud of death that was threatening to kill us. I didn't care, as long as I could hit it some more. I charged in and swung away at the Demon, I felt something break under my fist and smiled, I swung again. I swung again and again until it wasn't there anymore, I crushed some skeleton before I realized that there was no more fog, no more Demon.

Layla was holding me, there was nothing more to worry about. We could be together now; I, the Devil, and she, the Angel. I would show the world what there was to fear, and she could show them what there was to love. I'd saved the world for her, now she can show me what I'd saved.
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Late notice.... [20 Oct 2005|12:07pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Vampire is this coming Saturday, the 22nd.

As most of you know, all good things must come to an end. After running off and on for quite some time- This Saturday will be Vampire's last game. The storyline is reaching a conclusion and the plot team feels like it is a good place to stop the game.

Thank you all for supporting us and the game, it means a lot to plot.
Once again, thank you and we hope to see you all at game Saturday!

*And though Vampire is ending, be on the look out for another game to take it's place... we all know we can't go for long without a larp!*

Logistics, PR

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Update [15 Aug 2005|07:23pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello everyone!
(I see we have new people that have joined!! WELCOME!!!)

Game this month will once again be held at the lovely zombieneko's abode in Lakewood/Arvada (whatever). The date for game is the 27th (and I have training that day, so looookout at game ^.~) Game on at 7, sign in and character creation/what not at 6. Rules are still available online if you look in the memories as are directions to our host's house.

For an overview, plot is:
biodrew (This is his last game everyone!!!)
and last but not least gemini_rain

Sadly we will be losing our resident not so insane Malkavian after this month. He's going to be moving to Oregon to become a doctor type person! Please wish him all the best of luck this game... I'm sure he'll love you all for it ^.~

Also, *we* (plot) want to know what *you* (the players) want to see in game. Please please PLEASE give us some imput. (and no, saying me in skimpy clothes doesn't count. Ya'all see that anyway.)

So yes! Talk!! Say hi, introduce yourselves and whatnot. This LJ was not made solely for the announcements of plot, it's here for ya'all too! (That means, Use it!) ^^

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Rules, again [24 Jul 2005|02:08pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Just making sure everyone has the rules we are currently using in the LARP. They can be found on This Page.

Thanks to all that showed up last night. And thank you most of all to Miqe and his family for providing a space to play at!

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Yes...... [22 Jul 2005|10:06pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Alright, since we're plotting RIGHT NOW I thought I'd post to say game is ON at 7pm tomorrow, sign in at 6.

Sorry about the craziness- Working with 2 and 3 year olds is frying me..........


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Um... Riiiight, take two! [19 Jul 2005|08:34pm]

Ok, due to popular demand, and the fact that it was pointed out (accurately) that it is rude to cancel so last minute, game will be held this Saturday.

Plot will kick into overdrive to assure gaming quality goodness for Saturday.

Once again, Game is on this Saturday, we apologize for any inconvenience and letting the Malkavian plot member post game information on this forum.

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No Game [18 Jul 2005|07:55pm]

Hey all, forgive my posting but Ben and Mel don't have access to a computer right now and asked for me to put this up as a token plot member type person.

Basically, is there still interest in the game? Several of the plot members are leaving or have left, and turn out has been rather depressing in general.

I know Ben and Mel want to keep the game going, for all those who still have fond memories of it at the Lair, as an excuse to still vamp out without going all Camarilla-y, or an excuse to hang out in general. However the last two games we had trouble pushing five players... which we are grateful for, and adore for their showing, but really it isn't enough to drive the game forward.

So, in light of that we are not going to hold a game this month and see what people say. If there is still no push for a game next month... likely there will not be one. If there was something in the game that caused you to not wish to come, let us know so we can fix it (if it was me, I am going to Oregon soon so no worries there).

I apologize if this sounds like a gripe, this is just typical Drew being blunt and posting what he feels needs to be said, i.e. it may be rectified by Ben, Mel, Jules, Becky, or any other plot type person or player type person.


Game next month? We love the game, love running it, and have some fun ideas for it's future, thus if you want it, you got it. But... it is kind of sad running a game for an empty house...

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[08 Jul 2005|11:24am]

[ mood | blank ]

In light of the recient goings on (and posts) in the WW forums Seen here we will stop charging a "site fee" for props, costumes and refreshments. However, donations are certainly welcome!

(It isn't like we were ever really that strict about site fee anyway...)

Just an fyi guys ^^

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Curious? [03 Jul 2005|11:41am]

So plot only recieved ONE downtime- I'm beginning to worry........
Anyone planning on sending downtimes? I will offer a one week extension to everyone due to the holiday. ^^ We like downtimes guys... Really we do!!!

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Notices! [23 Jun 2005|02:13pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Game will be This Saturday!!!!!

Same time, same place.

I'm going to post the downtime form here in a few minutes too.

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PLEASE NOTE [12 Jun 2005|02:03pm]

Game will be June 25.
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Memories. [12 Jun 2005|12:22pm]

I've added things to the community memories, including rules, e-mail addy for plot, how to join the community etc. So there you are!

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Note to those turning in downtimes [01 Jun 2005|11:31am]

They are still due Saturday, I will be out of town but I'm going to use g-mail's timing system. So if the e-mail doesn't arrive by midnight on Sat, no exp for you! ^^;;;;

So just plan on turning it in early-ish.

Any questions?
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Harpy Times [30 May 2005|04:21pm]

It would appear that there were several notable shake ups in the local community as of last week:
The most important, would be the lovely flower garden that is now in bloom, it attracts birds, and bugs, and even Lasombra!

Oh, there is also a new Prince of the city, Cael the Spooky now reigns over Denver!

The former Prince Logan didn't take it too well, but after a rather incendiary conversation, he acquiesced.

Somehow the Gangrel pissed off the werewolves, don't really know why, I just know that I am going to be putting money into the silver market! That and call off my camping trip... and I so love smores!

Going to Bonfils Bank for a withdrawal? Not anymore you aren't! Apparently some ghoulish customers have been peeing in the kiddie pool! On order of the Prince, the new and improved version, don't sample merchandise from there!

Lions and tigers and bears! Or something like that...

Hunters have apparently figured out where the local Elysium is, as one decided to pay us a visit. He attempted to stake a werewolf who was visiting (and peeing on things), then brandished a cross before he was chased off.

Ghosts just keep on joining us and playing a reverse game of twenty questions. Sort of take away the answers as you are getting them. Though apparently there are a few new leads on where they stem from.

Whatever happened to local Primogen of the Toreador Layla? 'Layla, got me on my knees...' She wandered off with local spooky Sabbat Tremere (and she is smart enough to be Primogen?? And they call ME crazy!!) and has not been seen since. A rather odd individual appeared the last gathering and was asking questions about her, claimed they had some sort of deal... interesting.

Who the heck are the Primogen now? Or the Sheriff, or Seneschal, or Harpy... or bunnies...

Yes, this means I am not Harpy, which is likely a blessing to all who read this, but I figured I would reach out and touch some people on what was going on. Looks like things are starting to heat up in Denver a great deal...

Benton Feret, Malkavian at Large

ooc: Drew Davidson, plot bitch at large.
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[29 May 2005|06:41pm]

Downtimes are due by June 4th. ^^

That is all.
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Note to All: [28 May 2005|12:38pm]

Game is today, Everyone will have downtimes waiting for them at sign-in. I'm also looking to getting an actual downtime form put up here so you guys have some sort of guidelines on what a downtime should include. (You're all doing great right now, but I'd rather not make you feel like you're in the dark.)

I may also have a request from all of you (if you feel like doing it). The request will include opinions on game etc. Don't worry, you can't hurt our feelings. This game is for *you* more than anything.
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Remember!!! [26 May 2005|06:55pm]

Game is Saturday!!!!

Also it looks like our Summer schedule will be changing game night to every fourth Saturday of the month.
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REMINDER [19 May 2005|06:17pm]

Please remember that the vampire game has been moved back to MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. So please don't show up at zombieneko's place... they may laugh at you ^.~

So yes, the next vampire game is May 28
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SO LATE! [05 May 2005|07:24pm]

[ mood | tired ]

First off! ------> I apologise about the lateness! Due to Opus Fest this month Vampire will be moved BACK a week.

NEXT MONTH is still under debate as 7th Sea's camping trip is the 3rd weekend.

I greatly apologise about the lateness of this post!

ALSO!!!! I am the *SOLE* person that checks the gmail account, so if you have an issue with EXP or anything along those lines. Please talk to me. None of the other plot members can fix your e-mail or exp problems. That's my job.

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Once again! [18 Apr 2005|02:46pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Thank you all for attending game Saturday, I had a blast. Downtimes are due Next Saturday by MIDNIGHT (That's the 23rd). To vampireplot@gmail.com

Also, if you guys have time could you send us (plot) an e-mnail saying what you did and/or did not like about game? We want to make sure things stay as fun as possible!!

May game is up in the air as Opus Fest falls on the same weekend. So it *should* just change weekends, that's all.
More info to come!

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